• By harnessing the natural electrical earthing potential of the ground beneath you, Earthing Therapy can help:

    Improve quality of sleep
    Boost circulation, promoting greater vitality
    Counteract depression and fatigue
    Combat neurological disorders
    Complement conventional therapies
    Dispel morning sickness and heartburn
    Reduce electrical sensitivity

    Our personal earthing product range includes earthing bedsheets, pillow cases, recovery bags, computer mats, portable earthing kits and pet pads for the whole household to benefit.
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“The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Could Earthing Therapy provide a down to earth solution to health problems associated with increased exposure to sources of electromagnetic radiation, particularly those characterized by disturbed sleep?

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What claims does the science make?

Personal Earthing can:


  • Counteract adverse effects associated with electromagnetic fields
  • Exert a calming influence by reducing stress levels within the body
  • Enhance quality of blood and improve circulation
  • Fortify the immune system and contribute towards reduction of inflammation
  • Restore a balanced metabolism, through eliminating free radicals
  • Contribute to boosting energy levels and thus enhance overall vitality
  • Reduce recovery times after athletic exertion
  • Complement conventional medical practice by enhancing mineral physiology associated with anti-oxidant production


In research trials, evidence provided by the Earthing Institute has shown that of people involved:

    • 85% fell asleep faster
    • 93% experienced better sleep
    • 100% woke feeling rested and more energetic
    • 82% reported reduced muscle aggravation and stiffness
    • 78% experienced better overall well-being


The science of personal earthing as a complementary health therapy inevitably raises many issues. The best way to learn about its potential benefits is to ask questions and we encourage people to do so. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It is not just business policy to supply quality earthing products. In this fascinating area of alternative natural medicine, it is also our intention to educate our potential customers.

Please feel free to ask any questions via the Contact Us Page. We will be pleased to help or discuss individual cases further.

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Dawn of a technological revolution.

You only have to look around you to realise that the world in which we live has undergone a startling transformation during the past few generations.
Technological change has doubtless resulted in greater personal material wealth and an enhanced convenience lifestyle, but at what cost to our overall health.
The unprecedented expansion in the use of electrical and electronic goods in both the home and the workplace has, inevitably been accompanied by a simultaneous proliferation in invisible electromagnetic waves in the environment. Although we may be unable to see them, they exist all around us and they are capable of inducing inflated levels of both electrical current in our bodies and the magnetic fields that accompany them.
It should come as no surprise that such an effect can be measured under the conductor wires of a high voltage transmission using a personal voltmeter. It can however also be detected in the home -albeit at a far lesser level- induced through both proximity of the body to the electrical wiring hidden behind the walls of a room and to electrical accessories plugged into the system.

Can Evolutionary Adaptation keep pace with industrial environmental change?

The critical issue is whether or not our bodies, only capable of responding at the speed of evolutionary adaptation, have been able to successfully respond to the effects of such revolutionary environmental change,in order to protect both our overall wellbeing.

dna Such a dilemma lies at the heart of evolutionary biology, a branch of science based on the original principles of Charles Darwin that is concerned with man’s health in relation to his ever changing environment.

“Nothing makes sense in biology, except in the light of evolution”

– Theodosius Dobzhansky – Ukranian/American Scientist

This science forms the definitive foundation stone of the holistic beliefs held by Earthing Therapy, beliefs connected to the influence of fluctuating free radical levels on both the physiological and the psychological state.

Within medical circles, it is now widely accepted that an imbalance in the body caused by a profusion of these particles can result in a diverse variety of health problems.

187739269Particularly prominent amongst these are neurological conditions such as headaches, depression and increased susceptibility to effects of stress, however numerous others have been implicated with free radicals, not least of which is coronary heart disease. This is particularly the case in situations where the activity of the anti-oxidants, that habitually neutralise free radicals in order to safeguard health, is compromised by the influence of various factors within the environment. See Scientific Information page.

Daring to follow your convictions.

It was said of George Orwell, author of the acclaimed futuristic novel 1984, that he was prepared to think the unthinkable and write it as he saw it.
In similar vein, Earthing Therapy is a business founded on personal convictions, one that having analysed the world growing up around it, has identified what they consider to be both a pressing and unpredictable contemporary health issue. That problem is unprecedented exposure to electromagnetic radiation from sources as diverse as electrical currents to broadcast waves and it is our agenda to both highlight this concern and provide products designed to counteract it.

Electromagnetic exposure Transition from natural sources to the industrial.

Originally, prior to the introduction of electricity in the late 19th century, this type of radiation only arose from natural factors, such as the sun and oppressive weather conditions, particularly thunderstorms, and at relatively low levels.

Earthing Therapy LighteningThe build up of charge in our bodies derived from such sources was then essentially tolerable and since few people lived in large cities the majority were readily able to take advantage of the cheapest form of personal earthing available by simply walking on the land,either barefoot or in footwear made of natural uninsulated materials.

This direct contact with the ground thus enabled the discharge of excess electrical charge from the body to the earth beneath.

Earthing Therapy Rubber Boot

Now, with an ever dwindling number of people living in small towns and villages,and with increasing levels of parkland in cities disappearing under concrete, far fewer of the population are able to capitalise on this cheap source of personal earthing, an effect enhanced by the expansion in the use of insulated rubber and plastic soled footwear.

A business concerned with reconnection to the earth.

Recognising this trend and dedicated to reconnecting its customers back to the earth in the interests of their holistic well-being, Earthing Therapy provide a range of easy-to-use personal earthing aids.
These products are specifically designed to enhance body contact with the earth, such that any excess current that accumulates in the body can be rapidly dissipated into the ground. In the case of the footwear products, this occurs by promoting direct body /ground contact through the feet.
Alternatively, with products such as the Earthing sheets and mats, contact with the ground is made indirectly by way of a simple insulated wire that connects the item to the benign earth terminal of a specially modified 3 pin plug. This plug, through sole connection with the earth conductor of a standard electrical system,terminating in a standard earthing rod, then permits dissipation of excess body charge, safely down to earth, from anyone coming into physical contact with the product.

Earthing Therapy – Its wider responsibility.

Earthing RodIt is not solely Earthing Therapy policy to supply personal earthing products to our customers. In addition, it is our objective to promote understanding of the operation of earthing systems in both the home and the workplace, and to emphasize the importance of regular maintenance of such systems.

This is not just because such knowledge and attention contributes to safeguarding both the immediate and long term welfare of the electrical consumer. It is also in the best interests of customers who purchase our products, since their benefits are optimized when used with an effective earthing system, and compromised when earthing contact is poor.

The Earthing Therapy attitude towards health is that we, as humans, are as much electrical in nature as we are chemical, and a well rounded approach should take account of both.