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The Peacock butterfly “Look deeply into nature and you will understand everything”

Albert Einstein


Earthing Therapy is run by husband and wife partnership Rob and Elspeth Taylor, who in addition to operating the business, manage a livestock farm alongside the banks of the Severn estuary.

Rob’s holistic scientific philosophy has developed over 25 years of independent research and originated with studies into the numerous metabolic disorders and diseases that he has encountered in the livestock reared on his farm.

Personally experiencing the influence of natural selection in both farmed animals and those in the natural world around him, he has developed an interest in the principles of evolutionary biology, not just in relation to veterinary science, but also extended into the area of human medicine.

This research into evolutionary biology has not just focused on the physiological side of health , but also embraced its interaction with the psychological side against the backdrop of an ever changing environment.

Particularly influential in his research have been the inherent deficiencies in the trace minerals copper and selenium, that affect the pastures on which he farms. Through his own experiences, Rob has, over time, come to appreciate how influential these minerals are in maintaining a balanced state of health.

Taking an interest in the science of toxicology, he has paid specific attention to the relationship between anti-oxidants, derived from these minerals, free radicals and the operation of the natural detoxification systems within mammals, that are so critical for both their physiological and psychological well-being.

It is this through investigating this particularly complex, dynamic and confusing area of research, that he has come to study the way in which the body adapts to environmental change and the nature of intolerance syndromes, such as chemical and electrical sensitivities.

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“Modern medicine for all its advances, knows less than 10 percent of what your body knows instinctively”

Deepak Chopra – Indian/American Holistic Health Practitioner

Transition from mineral research into earthing

This area of investigation, encompassing both animal and human effects, has seamlessly led him into the field of personal earthing since both subjects are concerned with anti-oxidants,free radicals and transfer of electrons within biological systems. See scientific research section.

In addition to his research into trace mineral metabolism, his interest in earthing in relation to human health essentially stems from three other sources.

Firstly, from many years analysing the geology and associated geomagnetic forces in the Severn vale in connection with the extreme tidal characteristics of the River Severn.

Severn Bridge

Secondly, from practical knowledge gained working with electric fencing systems in commercial agriculture and understanding how their characteristics vary in relation to fluctuating ground conditions. And lastly, through studying the design of earthing techniques in industrial situations, particularly contemporary dairy farming installations, where the constant presence of moisture presents specific challenges.

“The impact of polluting magnetic emissions from domestic electrical wiring on human health is regarded in much the same way as peoples attitude towards chemical pollution during the 1950’s – with carefree blinkered disinterest”

Rob Taylor

Robs research contacts include Dr David Atherton [leading mineral nutritionist with specific knowledge of copper], Professor Malcolm Hooper [foremost scientific advisor to the UK Gulf War Syndrome victims], Nicky Greenham [founder of Multiple Chemical Sufferers[MCS] Aware National support group] and Gillian McCarthy [leading authority on chemical/electrical sensitivity].

A deep holistic knowledge of horses

His wife Elspeth has developed a keen interest in the effects, both physical and psychological, of trace minerals on veterinary health – particularly that of horses- ever since she met Rob six years ago.
This has reinforced her beliefs in the holistic nature of health,and her enthusiasm for personal earthing is an extension of that outlook, derived from practical experience.