I can understand the importance of earthing my domestic electrical supply for safety reasons, but why should I be interested in earthing my own body?


What do I have to do in order to benefit from personal earthing?


Is it safe for me to make contact with a product that is designed to be plugged into a 3-point electrical socket, whether in the home or the workplace?


I’ve heard that it’s possible to operate personal earthing products fitted with plugs independently of the mains electrical circuit of a property. If this is the case, would you care to explain?


Is the effectiveness of earthing products compromised if the quality of the earthing rod ground contact is poor?


Our property is of traditional stone wall construction and has an electrical system with an earth connection linked to a metal water pipe. With this arrangement, will personal earthing products work as effectively as when a copper earthing rod is used?


For how long is it necessary to earth myself, in order to reap the benefits of personal earthing products?


Is it necessary to have the electrical socket switch in the ‘on’ position,when a personal earthing product is plugged into it?


Are there any safety issues to consider if a personal earthing product is used with a mains extension lead?


Can personal earthing result in any adverse reactions when used in individuals on medicinal preparations, particularly arthritic pain killers?


Is it safe for a woman to use personal earthing aids during pregnancy?


Do any complications arise with the use of earthing aids in young children?


Medical disclaimer.

None of the information on personal earthing disclosed here constitutes medical advice  in any way or claims , by itself, to represent a cure or treatment for any medical condition. Earthing Therapy is a business founded on  holistic scientific principles, one which advises that the earthing products that  we supply are used  as a complementary treatment to resolute medical practice.

Based on this doctrine, we recommend that our customers should, in addition to taking regular professional medical advice on their health, always embrace sound holistic principles such as physical exercise, healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and positive attitude, in order to gain optimum benefit from their earthing aids.