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Starry Skies

“If the book of knowledge is one thousand pages long, then mankind is on about page three or four”

– David Atherton (Mineral Nutritionist)

Our world. So much still to learn.

Both our solar system and the wider universe beyond it are a truly awe-inspiring phenomena. Our home, planet earth, rotates on its own axis at a speed of up to 950 miles per hour. Whilst doing this, it travels through space at a speed of over 66,000 miles per hour in perpetual orbit around our sun, never ceasing to maintain that orbit.
The sun is also in constant rotation, the complex interactions of its intensely hot gaseous structure giving rise to magnetically induced solar flares, that shoot out millions of miles into space, profoundly influencing our weather systems.
These emissions also impact on the earth’s protective magnetic field, distorting the nature of the magnetic waves constantly emanating from the earth’s core creating multi-various atmospheric effects.

The impact of industry on natural forces

This is a basic description of the astronomic backdrop, against which mankind is progressively imposing countless electromagnetic waves associated with the technological revolution in electricity, electronics and telecommunications.

Radio WavesWhat has arisen is a “Brave New World” of man-made electromagnetic effects superimposing upon the complex cocktail of similar natural forces, derived from the earth itself and the wider cosmos.

The burning issue is whether or not it is possible to develop any kind of true understanding of how the health of man is reacting to such challenging transformations in his living/ working environment?

The plain straightforward answer to that question is that the subject is so complex and dynamic in its nature, that no-one can provide an a definitive answer and almost certainly never will. We can really only draw conclusions based on limited available evidence, intelligent guesswork and gut instinct based on personal life experience.

“Everything is a poison, nothing is a poison. It’s the amount that makes the poison”

– Paracelsus (16th century physician)

It is undeniable that electromagnetic waves poison the body at some inflated level of exposure. It’s simply a case of deducing what that level is, a level that, in all likelihood, will vary in association with simultaneous exposure to other potentially toxic factors.


“If you drink much from a bottle marked ‘poison’, it is almost certain to disagree with you sooner or later”

– Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)

Limitations on contemporary western medical thinking

The problem with mainstream medical thinking is that it concentrates on aspects linked to biology and biochemistry with marginal attention paid to those associated with the biophysical. This means that areas of both physical and psychological health connected with exposure to excessive levels of invisible electromagnetic radiation and their inherent magnetic fields receive limited coverage. It’s a classic case of ‘out of sight,out of mind’. Given this situation, the notion that what we commonly refer to as ‘conventional medicine’ has anything approaching all the answers is exposed as plainly naïve.

“I know it’s there, I just can’t see it”

The air that you see all around you may appear transparent, but it is not just rich in the colourless oxygen that we breathe. It is also profuse with electromagnetic waves, of which once long ago, the main part was derived from natural sources, but which now is ever more being superceded by those of industrial origin.
Mankind has always lived alongside electricity. Prior to the rise of industrialisation, it existed within us, essential for the operation of our bodies, and all around us, within the atmosphere, its presence apparent periodically in the form of natural lightning discharges.
During those distant times, excessive electrical charge would inevitably accumulate in our bodies on occasions, however we were capable of eliminating it by employing the most basic and cheapest form of personal earthing available.

Earthing in its simplest form

That was by making physical contact with the soil beneath us, using our bare feet as a form of natural earthing contact, through which the charge dissipated into the ground. Such a simple and highly effective form of personal earthing is, of course, still available to us all today.

Earthing Therapy Women on a beach

You only need to walk barefoot on the beach or on parkland in order to reap the natural benefits.

The recent past has seen an ever increasing number of people migrating from the countryside into towns and cities in search of employment, with many of those living and working in high rise buildings. With people also tending to wear footwear with insulated soles on low conductivity synthetic ground surfaces, fewer and fewer are taking advantage of the most basic source of earthing by making regular body contact with the ground beneath us.

Man’s disconnection from the land

When you open your eyes, it becomes immediately apparent that mankind is not just becoming detached from the land with the transition from an essentially rural lifestyle to an urban one. That detachment is simultaneously occurring at a biophysical level as our bodies are ever more becoming insulated from the ground beneath us, and thus we are no longer so capable to eliminate the harmful excess charge that inevitably accumulates inside us, potentially jeopardizing our long term health.

The detrimental consequences of such biophysical human detachment from the land due to the influence of industrialisation are furthermore enhanced by the mirror increase in the levels of electromagnetic radiation around us, which inevitably must increase induced levels of charge within us, as the ability of our bodies to discharge to earth wanes.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”

– Jonathan Swift

Electrical effects. The obvious and the deceptive.

If one of us receives an electric shock, as in the instance of a live electrical wire shorting to the metal case of an appliance that has poor earth protection, it is quite obvious that our health has been compromised. If however, the effect is more subtle, as with alternating current voltage induced in our body by electromagnetic waves in the environment around us, the symptoms are not so obvious.

This area of scientific inquiry has been, and still is, subject to intensive scrutiny, however attempting to draw definitive conclusions is particularly challenging since electromagnetism impacts on the nervous system and genetic and psychological differences between individuals dictate that the health effects can be extremely variable.

Free radicals, electro-magnetism, and earthing research.

Pioneering research on personal grounding in Poland and the United States, most prominently conducted by Clint Ober and Dr James Oschman has cast suspicion that detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation are concerned with disruptions of the biological systems, that act to neutralize the harmful free radicals that routinely accumulate in the body.

Earthing Therapy AntioxidantThe results of their research has further suggested that employment of personal earthing techniques can counteract such effects by promoting detoxification of such free radicals through dissipating excess electrical charge down to earth, simultaneously neutralising the magnetism associated with it.

In chemical terms, free radicals are electron deficient positively charged molecules, which in addition to potentially accumulating in the body as a consequence of natural action, can also be created in response to exposure to numerous synthetic agents such as industrial chemicals, pesticides, tobacco smoke and multi-various pollutant cocktails.

All such agents, capable of inducing harmful chemical effects within the body through generation of free radicals, also harbour the potential to generate detrimental electrical effects, produced as an inevitable consequence of the electrical nature of chemical change.

Research into personal earthing, most notably with earthed bedsheets, has produced numerous beneficial health effects including much improved sleep, alleviation of chronic pain,reduction in tissue inflammation and reduced stress levels.

The role of anti-oxidants.

The most plausible explanation forwarded for such research findings is that the dissipation of excess electrical charge from the body, associated with earthing, is stabilizing the operation of its natural electrical systems, thus improving its ability to neutralize free radicals . yin yang symbol
Central to such theory is the widely held belief that the balance in the body between free radicals and the anti-oxidants that neutralize them has a profound systemic effect, and that if the balance between them favours the proliferation of free radicals, it can result in numerous health problems, not least related to individual genetic nature.

It is the opinion of many that this eternal conflict between free radicals and anti-oxidants has much in common with the Yin Yang concept central to Oriental Medicine.

Earthing theories. A conflict amongst similar beliefs

This school of thought proposes that many of the health benefits recorded in earthing research, not least the stabilization of cortisol levels associated with quality of sleep, occur because dissipation of excess induced charge within the body alters the balance in favour of anti-oxidants.
This train of thinking marginally contrasts with the alternative belief,-as yet unproven- that personal earthing produces health benefits as a result of electrons passing up into the body from the earth against an apparent voltage gradient and exerting a purely electrical effect on free radical concentrations.

Those who follow the first school of thought propose that central to the beneficial health effects recorded with earthing is the metabolism of the minerals selenium and particularly copper, both of which are known to give rise to potent anti-oxidants within the body.

Copper as a source of anti-oxidants. And possibly a conductive earthing agent?

Of the two, the one that is considered to be most influential in counteracting the adverse effects of free radicals is copper,and that is the reason why ‘Earthing Therapy’ supply copper heelers as part of our personal earthing product range, as a complementary therapy. See Product Page.
Copper Soles The doctrine behind this approach- also as yet unproven – is that the heelers act as a source of supplementary copper and thus act to boost anti-oxidant levels within the body. This promotes the operation of the detoxification systems within us, acting to suppress the free radicals, that contribute to harmful health imbalances. See Complementary Copper Page for more information.
Working on the principle that highly conductive metals, such as copper, attract electrical charge -the reason for their use in applications such as lightning conductors – it is also entirely possible that fitting copper heelers in your footwear produces a secondary benefit by enhancing the personal earthing effect through the feet.

Blood, earthing and holistic health principles

Claims that personal earthing can contribute to improved health through reducing free radical concentrations in the body are borne out by research conducted by earthing research concerns in the United States, who amongst many benefits have found a particularly striking effect in relation to physiology of the blood.
Shown on the right are microscopic images of blood samples taken during grounding research by cardiologist Steven Sinatra MD. (pic to be included here, awaiting copyright decision)Those on the left hand side were taken in three trial patients before grounding treatment, whilst those to the right were taken following a grounding test period of forty minutes.
It can be clearly seen that the effect of the earthing has been to markedly reduce both the viscosity of the trial patients blood and the tendency of the red blood cells to clump together.
This inevitably results in greater efficiency of the circulatory system, enabling it to transport both oxygen and nutrients around the body, whilst simultaneously clearing waste products, such as carbon dioxide in similar enhanced fashion.
Because of the profound influence that the blood exerts on the well-being of the entire body, such an effect as this has the potential to produce numerous holistic health benefits .This ties in with research observations that earthing has been associated with improved immune function, reduced tissue inflammation, reduced physical injury healing times and accelerated athletic recovery times.

Effects of earthing on the nervous system

Furthermore, research findings have concluded that personal earthing produces positive mental/psychological effects, amongst them reduction in irritability, enhanced resistance to stress, reduced electro-sensitivity and particularly improved quality of sleep.

Medical disclaimer

Earthing Therapy Health Heart pic

None of the information on personal earthing disclosed here constitutes medical advice in any way or claims, by itself, to represent a cure or treatment for any medical condition.
Earthing Therapy is a business founded on holistic scientific principles, one which advises that the earthing products supplied are used as a complementary treatment to resolute medical practice.
Based on this doctrine, we recommend that our customers should, in addition to taking regular professional medical advice on their health, always embrace sound holistic principles such as physical exercise, healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and positive attitude, in order to gain optimum benefit from their earthing aids.