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“In Union there is Strength”

Aesop – Greek Storyteller

Earthing for improvement of wellbeing, sleep, vitality, circulation,and reduction of inflammation and pain

Earthing Therapy are pleased to be associated with BioEnergy Partnership who supply Original Earthing products, and have extensive experience in the use, application and health support for the earthing (grounding) process. You can explore the products in more detail by clicking on an icon, which will take you to the BioEnergy Partnership site, where you can purchase.

Why we are offering these products

We see ourselves as a joint-partner working to find a solution for the complex forces that contribute to ill health.
Sharing Information and personal customer experience with earthing products with our affiliate both strengthens and optimises the service we can offer. We can supply quality earthing products to our customers at competitive prices, and also provide the best possible user advice in what is undoubtedly a complex area of cutting edge science.
It is for this reason that we operate in affiliation with BioEnergy Partnership, an established company that has supplied earthing products to the UK market for over four years, and has a wealth of experience in their provision, use and recorded health benefits.

Product Range

Earthing Sheet

Night time Earthing Sheets

Earthing sheets and pillow cases provide a conductive connection with the earth during your time in bed each night. Night time earthing can contribute to quality sleep and supports the night-time repair processes. Available as a fitted sheet for all UK bed sizes and a half sheet, suitable for any bed.

Sheets from £89
Pillowcases £39.95
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Earthing mats

Computer Mats

If you spend many hours in front of a laptop/PC, these will help earth you throughout the day. Conductive mats are used for daytime and evening earthing. The small mats are ideal as a mouse/ hand rest mat under your keyboard and/or under your feet. Certain foot coverings and ladies pluggz conductive shoes work as well as bare feet. Ideal in the evening for resetting the melatonin (sleep) clock.

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Recovery Bag

Recovery Bag

The recovery bag was developed for rapid revitalization and jet lag recovery. It is ideal for sports people or as a large bottom sheet for a super king size bed. When totally enclosed the exchange with the earth is over the whole body surface. The higher contact area may speed the results of earthing.

From £160
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Earthing Bands

Earthing for Local Issues

Users report that issues in specific areas e.g. ankles, wrists, benefit more quickly from local and direct input, using earthing bands and patches. The exchange from the earth is focused on the issue area. Bands are available for ankles, legs, arms, wrist, elbow, stomach/torso, forehead etc; basically, anywhere that they can fit. Patches may be more convenient for more flexible areas such as knees and elbow.

From £7.96
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Adapters for use outside the UK

Adapters are available for most countries. 
 The Socket tester is not essential but is a recommended option.

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System Testers (2)


The continuity tester is a simple purpose made unit that connects to the sheet stud and can be run over the sheet. A green light shows an active sheet.
The Socket tester will show an earth present, but not the quality of the earth connection.
The BV (Body voltage) tester shows that the system is working and also any residual voltage on the earth line. It can be used as an indicative electric field checker.

From £27.50
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Cooper Heelers

Copper Heelers

For effective earthing whilst on the move, supplied with insoles for ultimate flexibility when changing footwear. Our copper heelers also have the potential to act in a secondary capacity as a slow release skin-absorbed mineral supplement.

From £35. Please contact Elspeth or Rob to purchase

To order the products stated above, please follow the links above to BioEnergy’s website.
Orders received before 1pm are generally dispatched the same working day by first class signed for.