Louise Driver and Tim Gardner – Hampshire

I was asked to trial the bed sheet by Elspeth and Robert… I was not really feeling much was wrong except I do get dead arms in the night… So I thought I would try for that… The first few nights I felt quite hot… Then I noticed it made me feel more vibrant more full of life… I was at work and it’s a busy time… Usually I would feel stressed… But I felt calm and clear to handle it all… Then I was amazed… Then a few days later I looked in the mirror at work and thought how my face looked really good… My skin looked luminous (and that was on the end part of a busy late shift!!) and for my original complaint the dead arms I haven’t had them since!!! so overall I really like this bed sheet… I will not be without it now… Thanks to Elspeth’s recommendation 🙂

Well, my other half got this bed sheet from Elspeth and Robert… I didn’t really know anything much about its function, just she said it would help me sleep as I really find it hard to unwind at night… I get irritable and can’t shut off my mind and restless… But I can honestly say my sleep has improved since having the sheet and you just feel a bit more relaxed… So It’s good… It’s well worth having it for future… Many thanks Elspeth and Robert…

Louise Sandberg – London.

I am 25 weeks pregnant, and my first night sleeping on the Earthing bedsheet gave me the the best nights sleep I had experienced in over 6 months. The same for the next night and the next night – I feel much better in myself, more full of energy during the day time and I think it has made me look younger, because I am less tired. I would highly recommend the sheet.

Julie Wheeler – Thornbury, Nr. Bristol

I have now had the Earthing sheet for approximately 2 months and am extremely pleased with it. I haven’t suffered from RLS (restless leg syndrome), even though when in bed i would lie almost willing it to start, but it never did. I normally suffer with this every night and didnt sleep well at all, until now! So am now sleeping extremely well.

In the middle of this 2 month period however, I decided I didn’t need to buy the sheet and it was all in the mind, so slept without it for the next 5 days. I have never had such terrible sleep, suffered with RLS, straight away, my headaches came back and I felt awful, needless to say I have now bought one and will never sleep without it again! I am still being told I look younger as well which is an added bonus. This REALLY DOES work!

Julie Wheeler